mydesignOccasionally a post I write will be in collaboration with a brand. I only work with and write about brands and products I truly love and think you would love too! If a post does contain sponsored promotional material, or I was sent a product in gratuity this will be clearly stated. If you’re interested in working together to create content for my blog please contact me on holly_walsh@live.com.au.

I offer promotional content in accordance with the IFB Fair Compensation Manifesto.

“We believe we should be fairly compensated if we are asked to do the following things:

  • Asked to write a post that is clearly promotional, NOT editorial… even if our readers might benefit
  • Asked to make specific endorsements to increase sales and/or for promotions with specific terms
  • Asked to publish specific text or specific links in a post during a specific time frame
  • Asked for anything that will be sold for money ie – photos for book
  • Asked for expert in-depth opinion about products or services
  • Asked for contacts, specialized lists of bloggers that might help a brand

The above items do not fall into the category of gifting products for potential editorial coverage. When a blogger is given something with the demand to post in a specific time frame, any coverage is no longer editorial but promotional.”

If I create content with or for a brand I will do so in accordance with my and my readers best interests.

All content created in collaboration with a brand must fit into the current style of my blog and can include reviews, sponsored posts, affiliate links, posts specifically about the gifted product with links, posts featuring the gifted product among other products with or without links and social media promotion.

If you have any further inquiries please email me or reach out on social media.