September Favourites!


Well that month flew by too. I’m sorry for the lack of post last week I was swamped in uni report writing and then I got some weird tonsilitis/glandular hybrid and I’m still trying to recover from that so I wasn’t just being lazy when I didn’t publish this last week, I was actively dying. But now I’m almost recovered and if I don’t write my September favourites this week it will be the middle of October and too late. I’ve collected a strange little pile of favourites this month and I’m in a chatty mood so get ready for tangents.

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Checking In on My New Years Resolutions

So since we’re more than halfway through the year I thought it would be good (or really self-esteem crushing) to re-read and re-publish my resolutions with updates as to how I’ve done. For clarity – regular font is the original text from January, italics is me now.

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July Favourites!

IMG_2749I refuse to believe it’s August, I’m going to continue pretending it’s still April and that we’re not well into the second half of the year. Other than time speeding by I’ve re-established my love for a few products and found a new love too. Here’s my July Favourites.

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June Favourites!

This month has been interesting. Finishing exams for my second last semester, starting my final official uni holidays and family matters  compounded to make June a slow rollercoaster of a month. I probably wore a full face of makeup only three or four days out of the entire month so my June favourites are makeup free and all about laziness, comfort and care.


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April Favourites!


Sorry this April favourites post is about two weeks too late and we’re almost half way through May but I haven’t been feeling very inspired or motivated lately. First I got sick and I think it was some kind of plague because I’m still getting over it more than two weeks later, then I just couldn’t come up with anything to write about then I started to feel guilty about neglecting the blog then I started to resent feeling guilty about neglecting the blog. Overall, it’s not been very conducive to writing and with uni assignments zapping all my energy and writing skills I’ve just not been having a very good time in the whole blogging mindspace. However, about 15 minutes ago I got a sudden burst of motivation and I took some haphazard photos on my phone of some things I’ve been enjoying using these past few weeks and here we are (thank god for A Color Story app or these photos would never have made it to the blog).

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