Lush Easter Collection First Impressions!

Easter is just around the corner and I’m just a bit excited. A whole weekend devoted to chocolate? Yes please (yes, I went to Catholic school and know it’s not just that but in this day and age that’s what it’s kind of fizzled down to.) The lovely humans at Lush sent me a box filled with their Easter range which smelt like heaven and I can’t wait to use. But first I thought I’d tell you all my first thoughts about the range.

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Study Brain

I’m back with another one of those classic Holwa filler posts. I thought I had my motivation to blog back last week but then this week arrived with the need to write another post and I’m stuck again. I know I could just skip a couple of weeks but I did that last month and I just feel guilty when I neglect the blog and I can’t be adding that to my ever-growing guilt. I’m currently putting off writing an essay and studying for my two exams by doing everything but cracking open a book. I tidied my room, watched all the Stories on Snapchat, organised my YouTube viewing list, viewed all the Stockphotos I have saved to my computer from various sites (exhibit A below) and went through and edited some years-old blog posts. All very pressing, important tasks obviously.


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How to Begin…

I’ve finally made myself start a blog.  I’ve been tumblr-ing for ages and in the past year have become slightly obsessed with YouTube beauty and lifestyle gurus and fashion and beauty bloggers.  I’ve thought for the last little while “I could do that” but never actually forced myself to do it, and now I have.  A little about me – I’m a 19 year old girl from Australia, currently studying at uni and working part time.
Now that we have the first paragraph done, if anyone other than me is reading this – thank you! My dream is to become a YouTuber like some of those I’m subscribed to (think Zoella, Tanya Burr, Sprinkle of Glitter, the Fowler sisters and all manner of amazing British creators).  That gives you a peek at the kind of subject matter I’m aiming for.  Beauty and fashion hauls, reviews, loves, not-so-loves and general life stuff that I want to talk about and think (hope) some other people may be interested in. 
I thought I’d start small with a blog and then if this gets views and feedback I’ll move to YouTube, after I’ve taught myself to film and edit that is. 
This blog will probably only be seen by me, but as I said above if you are reading this, I really appreciate it!
Love, Holwa x

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