My Experience with the Diva Cup

Disclaimer: I’m going to get real graphic in this post, I want to give a honest review and when it comes to periods and menstrual cups the only way to be honest is to get very TMI. So if you’re squeamish, know me personally and don’t want to read about my vagina or are male I’d recommend clicking away now. Ok so now that’s sorted let’s get to it.

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First Favourites of 2017!

Ok it’s March and I’m only just getting around to doing a Favourites post – we’ll count this as my first quarter favourites and then maybe go back to monthly from here on out. I haven’t really been buying that many new makeup things lately but out of what new things I have bought most of them have quickly become part of my everyday routine.


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Well Hi There….

Long time no post. I really have no excuses I’ve been lazy and busy and just generally not in the mood for blogging.

My life has kind of changed this past month and I’m getting to grips with that but it’s taking a minute. I’ve finally realised I don’t have the safety net of uni to keep me occupied and away from life responsibilities. I have to actually commit to setting long term goals and figuring out the direction I want to go in and finding out how to get there and that’s very daunting to me.

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Lush Valentine’s Day Collection

We’re a fortnight away from that time of year when flowers get super expensive and everyone seems to be coupled up – and Lush releases one of it’s several yearly collections. A range of products from the Lush Valentine’s Day collection landed on my doorstep last week and whether you’re attached or single this range is sure to enhance the most romantic day of the year.

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