Biome Eco Stores Tour

At the end of last month I was lucky enough to be invited to the Biome Eco Store at Hawthorne to check out their DIY Naked Beauty initiative. A bit of background about Biome – they’re an eco and environmentally conscious brand who seek to do no harm to animals or people through any of their business practices. And they follow through on their ethical stance recently removing all products with palm oil from all stores and online in a bid to protect the orangutans meaning they can no longer sell any liquid foundations or mascaras as well as dozens of other product lines. The brand also seeks to reduce, reuse and recycle selling products with minimal plastic packaging and naked, glass or paper packaging where possible. Which leads us to the advent of the DIY skincare range.

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Lush Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of the hardest gift giving days to buy for, what do you get the person who gave you life? Lush has some ideas this year and they’re all absolutely lovely and I was sent the range to try. I’ve been around for a few Lush collections in my time (just scroll through the blog and see how many) and this one has been, in my opinion, the best overall. There isn’t one product here I didn’t love the smell of and all the bath bombs, bars and solid scrubs are gorgeously moulded and coloured.

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Lush Easter Collection First Impressions!

Easter is just around the corner and I’m just a bit excited. A whole weekend devoted to chocolate? Yes please (yes, I went to Catholic school and know it’s not just that but in this day and age that’s what it’s kind of fizzled down to.) The lovely humans at Lush sent me a box filled with their Easter range which smelt like heaven and I can’t wait to use. But first I thought I’d tell you all my first thoughts about the range.

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Simple Glam Girls Oval Brush Review!

Happy 2017! Hope you all had a lovely festive break, I’ve been struggling to get back into the work, blog, life routine. I don’t think I will be actually ready to face the year until the end of January so bear with me. I just had to write a post today though because I was lucky enough to receive a set of 10 rose gold oval brushes from Simple Glam Girls. I’ve used them a couple of times now and have a few thoughts – but I can definitely see why this style of brush is so popular at the moment.

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ColourPop Cosmetics Haul & First Impressions!


img_3165 I’ll preface this rather large haul with the fact that I ordered these products in week 10 of uni when retail therapy was definitely necessary. I also didn’t have any ColourPop products in my collection, and now I’ve got them I’m wondering why I never ordered them sooner, so obviously I had to order a few things to really sample the brand.  The value sets sucked me in and I figured it was a good way to try a lot of different products without having to choose colours and formulas and at the time they were running a promotion so I got a free highlight for every $20 spent, along with free shipping. I’ve used all the products once at this stage and love them so far.

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