My Most Used Makeup Products of 2017

*Alternative title – “My Products With The Shabbiest And Dirtiest Packaging” but at least that shows I actually use them, this definitely isn’t one of those posts with pictures of immaculate products which you just know have lived in a drawer all their lives, so you’ll have to forgive the dirty, dingy products. I’ve taken an inventory of the products I either use everyday or reach for without hesitation when I’m doing my makeup and I think I’ve found a good mix of high end and “Drugstore” products that are sure to deliver that I will (and have) repurchased again and again.  

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First Favourites of 2017!

Ok it’s March and I’m only just getting around to doing a Favourites post – we’ll count this as my first quarter favourites and then maybe go back to monthly from here on out. I haven’t really been buying that many new makeup things lately but out of what new things I have bought most of them have quickly become part of my everyday routine.


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2016 Favourites!

First off, sorry I’ve been MIA the last few weeks, I graduated uni (finally!) and have been working almost full time plus all the usual December tasks that take up so much more time than you expect they will. But I’m back and 2017 will hopefully hold many more blog posts than this year did. I’ve rounded up my best products from the year – most of them purchased within the last couple of months but I always love my new things best – so here’s my 2016 Favourites.

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November Favourites!


Second last favourites of 2016 and I will spare you all the “omg how fast has this year gone, it’s just like crazy” (but serious, it’s wild). November was a bit of whirlwind, I submitted all my final uni assignments and sat my final ever exam and (thankfully) passed everything. I have applied for exactly zero grown up jobs that are related in any way to my degree despite promising myself I would and I’ve bought all the things. I really have had a problem. It’s been treat yo’self all month long – it started because I had finished all my exams and deserved a treat, then when a week had passed and I couldn’t use that excuse anymore I justified it  because Christmas is close and I need things to wear and new makeups and now I just have no money. But I have very much been enjoying my new things which make up the majority of my favourites, one of which is a repurchase of an old favourite and another product I pulled out of my makeup collection and fell in love again. So here’s my November Favourites.

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October Favourites!

It was literally just Easter and now it’s November and I don’t know what to do. October was busy, it contained arguably the most stressful week of my life so far which included two presentations, two report submissions and a somewhat unidentified illness and while I’m glad that’s over it also means I have less than two weeks of uni left before I have to become a real girl.  But I have managed to amass a few favourites this month, a couple I only bought because they’re pretty, one that I’m super excited to share with you and another that I’m sure will be part of my life forever. These are my October Favourites. img_3110 

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