My Most Used Makeup Products of 2017

*Alternative title – “My Products With The Shabbiest And Dirtiest Packaging” but at least that shows I actually use them, this definitely isn’t one of those posts with pictures of immaculate products which you just know have lived in a drawer all their lives, so you’ll have to forgive the dirty, dingy products. I’ve taken an inventory of the products I either use everyday or reach for without hesitation when I’m doing my makeup and I think I’ve found a good mix of high end and “Drugstore” products that are sure to deliver that I will (and have) repurchased again and again.  

Kat Von D Lock It Hydrating Primer and Base – I love a good, thick silicone primer and before I purchased this the Nyx Pore Filler was my number one but I’ve moved onto more natural coverage foundations that are water-based so had to get a water based primer to match (rule number one of an even base – match your primer to your foundation). This glides onto the skin silky smooth and sinks in well while feeling weightless but leaves a good coverage of grip and tackiness that even the lightest foundation will stick to. I use the Stila Aqua Glow and MAC Face and Body foundations most frequently and these glide on top and wear a full day without breaking up, going patchy or sliding right off.

NYX Micro Brow Pencil – Micro Brow has become a bit of a cult favourite recently and the shade Taupe works perfectly for me, being vaguely somewhere in between ashy-brown and blonde. The super fine tip on the crayon is perfect for filling in sparse hairs naturally and creating length or volume. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s the first NYX product to sell out in every Priceline sale and I almost always have to buy it full price.

ColourPop Supershock Highlight in Lunch Money – I used to be all about the white-based, cool-toned, holographic highlights with pink and purple glitter (think ColourPop Over the Moon and Sleek Solstice) don’t get me wrong I still pull those out for full glam, but I’ve shifted toward a more natural highlight over the past year and this gold toned creamy colour is bright enough to be noticeable but imparts a much more natural looking sheen. But the super soft formula takes some trial and error to apply (fan brush or fingers work best) and will catch anything you dip into (hi, brush hair and divot from my makeup sponge).

Maybelline HyperSharp eyeliner – this is the only liquid liner I use and own, I’ve thrown away all my other ones because they don’t compare to the triangular tip and resulting ease of this one. It’s super black and stays on all day and night but I do find I need to replace it slightly more often because either the nib frays making it hard to use or it loses its intensity. But to make sure I’m not buying a new one every month I store it vertically with the tip facing down and the ink all stays up in the business end.

L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara – other than the packaging flaking off I don’t have a bad word to say about this mascara. It’s replaced my Too Faced and Clinique ones for everyday use and it makes my lashes very long and curly. I’m lucky to have naturally long lashes anyway but this one coats all the way to the transparent tips and makes them look fake. The brush works best when you do the “rolling” action and spin it through the lengths of your lashes, because the grooves are diagonal this works so well. I’m usually a fan of soft bristle wands too but this plastic wand goes to work and with a drop of doTerra lavender oil added to the tube my lashes are falling out less too.

Revlon Colourstay Pressed Powder – I’ve been using this powder since I was a teenager and though I have swayed to Rimmel and Mirenesse at times I keep coming back to this guy. The Translucent is perfect, and offers enough coverage to even everything out when applied just over moisturiser and buffed in with a flat brush it gives an airbrushed effect over foundation. It can cake a little in the heat but a light hand and dewy setting spray over the top helps stop that. I buy these at every sale and found that I now have three unopened back-ups to keep me going.

MAC Taupe Blush – this is my perfect powder contour and it lasts a stupid long time. Makeup-expiry-followers stop reading now but I’ve had this almost 3 years and I’m nowhere near hitting pan. I had to do a little operation on it in July as it got a weird coating from (I’m guessing) dipping a wet brush in it but once that was scraped off we were back to as good as new. It’s cool toned without being too ashy, the colour is a great shadow under my cheekbones and it goes with any bronzer or blush you put over the top/near it. If you haven’t found your perfect contour go to your nearest MAC and have a swatch.

Clinique Pop lipstick 20 Sugar Pop – this is more representative than anything which is why I haven’t taken a photo of the bullet, but if you were to search through my makeup you’d find at least 12 lipliners, lipglosses, lipsticks and tints in almost the same soft, rosebud pinky nude. It’s the easiest colour to wear, suits my complexion, looks natural when I’ve not got much face on, looks understated when I’m doing full glam, is the easiest shade to find (almost every brand and line would have a pale-ish mauve-y pink-y nude) and comes in every finish from shiny to matte.

Zoeva Entaupe Eyeshadow palette – I’m a cool-toned eyeshadow lover from way back, keep your Anastasia Beverly Hills and Huda Beauty and give me a taupe, nude palette anyday. The great thing about this palette though that sets it apart from all the Nakeds and Nudes is the burgundy shade in the bottom right and the gold-flecked mauve above it. These automatically take my plain cool toned eye look to something a bit more interesting and are the easiest colours to blend. Plus with 6 shimmers and 4 mattes there are so many options all in the same creamy, blendable and easy formula housed in super thin, travel friendly packaging.

Makeup Product Flatlay

The photos in this post were all taken on my new iPhone 8+ and while he won’t replace my SLR for regular content images I wanted to get this post out quick when the inspiration struck and ‘dat quality tho’ for a phone camera. But I will have to remember to take any future phone images in landscape not portrait to avoid the great hulking long images. I’m so glad to have my phone as an option for photos now though because I’m happiest when I’m creating, writing and taking photos for the blog and this should allow me to do that more often.

As always, thanks for reading!


Holwa x

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