My Experience with Lip Fillers!

I didn’t really think I’d be the type of person to get “cosmetic enhancement” but for the past 12 or so months I’ve been thinking about getting my lips done. I like my natural lips but they aren’t really that full, they’re just a bit meh, and I’ve always found I overline them to make them appear bigger. So last week (Halloween to be exact) I finally bit the bullet and booked in to get lip fillers.

I had a consultation about 3 weeks previous to the actual event and the doctor I saw (Dr Rose Niu at Q Skin Clinic) suggested to use the cannula method for the most volume in the centre, which is where I needed it to fill out my top lip and cover more of my teeth and gums when my mouth is closed and when I smile. I did a lot of research (watching YouTube videos mostly) into different filler types and the different methods, especially cannula insertion and decided that was the best option. On the day we spoke about the type of filler Dr Rose prefers to work with and decided upon Teosyal Ultra Deep which is a Hyaluronic Acid based filler. Dr Rose went over the result we wanted again and took before photos where we decided to use the full vial of 1.2ml with half going into my top lip and the remaining half being used for my bottom lip and filling the lower corners of my mouth under my bottom lip to prevent shadowing and to bring that area forward a little to make sure I didn’t get “duck lips”.

I won’t lie the cannula needle is bigger than any other type of needle I’ve seen and, even with a liberal application of numbing gel, it hurt. But another positive of cannulation of filler is there are only two injection sites, one at each corner of the mouth and it reduces the amount of trauma to the lips. The general method is dozens of little injections with a smaller needle which causes more bruising and can damage the edges of the lips. The needle was threaded through the injection site to the centre of my top lip which was the most bizarre feeling, it was like the needle had to push through several different areas inside my lips to get to the centre. As the needle was slowly drawn back to the edge the filler was deposited evenly through my lip. Then once the top was down the needle was angled differently to get into my bottom lip and directly underneath. The Hyaluronic Acid has a mild anaesthetic effect so it actually hurt less once the filler was injected. The whole process to fill one side of my lips took about 5 minutes and at this point one the right side was done if I hadn’t had to have the other side done I would have chickened out because I did not want to have to deal with that pain again. But that wasn’t an option and so the whole process was repeated on the left from the first sharp needle to make the insertion point to threading the cannula through and depositing the filler. The left side was definitely worse because I knew what was coming and how it was going to feel and the anticipation made me feel it all even more.

Once the 1.2mls was injected I got to look in a mirror and immediately noticed that the right side of my bottom lip was slightly bigger than the left side. So we decided to do another 0.1ml in a regular injection (the needle for normal injections is tiny but still hurt even with the anaesthetic from the filler already in there) and because Dr Rose had opened another vial of Teosyal and filled the syringe she injected a tiny tiny amount into my Cupids bow to keep the definition.




During and Straight after


That afternoon and night

The following day and 4 days after

7 days after

The recovery was fine, the first two hours after I didn’t even feel them but as the numbing wore off they started to feel tight and a bit sore. That night they began to swell a little but it was nothing compared to the next day when I woke up and could see my top lip just by looking down. The second day swelling was terrible and I found it difficult to talk and drink and had to apply a cold compress and take an antihistamine to attempt to bring the swelling down. But I could still go out, I just covered them with concealer and hoped for the best. Over the past week I’ve noticed the swelling is worse in the morning straight after getting out of bed, I think it has something to do with lying down, and I’ve only just regained the ability to drink through a straw and eat normally almost 8 days after. I can feel some lumps of filler, there’s 2 in my bottom lip and 2 in the top but they’re not visible and with a little massaging pretty much go away.

I love how they look, I feel so much more “done” even without makeup on and they’re so fun to line and fill in with products now. I did it as a total vanity experiment and was not at all pressured into doing it and didn’t overwhelmingly feel like I needed it but just wanted to do it out of interest and I’m fortunate enough to have the ability to do “frivolous” personal improvements at this stage of my life. If you don’t agree with cosmetic enhancements that’s your personal choice and no one is expecting you to do it to your own body, plus I paid for the whole procedure myself with my own money. I’m happy with them and though at this stage I’m not sure if I would do it again (moreso out of fear of the pain than anything else) I have 9-12 months until the filler wears off to decide!

If you have any questions or want to know more leave me a comment below, and as always thank you so much for reading!


Holwa x

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