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At the end of last month I was lucky enough to be invited to the Biome Eco Store at Hawthorne to check out their DIY Naked Beauty initiative. A bit of background about Biome – they’re an eco and environmentally conscious brand who seek to do no harm to animals or people through any of their business practices. And they follow through on their ethical stance recently removing all products with palm oil from all stores and online in a bid to protect the orangutans meaning they can no longer sell any liquid foundations or mascaras as well as dozens of other product lines. The brand also seeks to reduce, reuse and recycle selling products with minimal plastic packaging and naked, glass or paper packaging where possible. Which leads us to the advent of the DIY skincare range. DIY skin care Source: Biome website

The Naked Beauty Bar in the store is a sight to behold with hundreds of beautiful Mason jars filled with natural raw ingredients for customers to make their own beauty elixirs including masks, balms, body butters and scrubs. The ingredients can be sold by the jar or by weight depending on what you need and they even helpfully provide recipes for their favourite products for inspiration. These recipes and inspirations can also be found online at the Biome blog for you to use at home.

I picked up Shea Butter and Beeswax Beads to make body butter and lip balms with coconut oil and essential oils and Pink and White Clays to DIY facemasks with filtered water, apple cider vinegar, rose water or essential oils.


As well as the amazing DIY beauty products Biome also stocks vegan, natural and organic skincare and beauty products from a range of local and international brands. I chose a lipgloss from Noya, a gorgeous berry pink lipstick from Queensland brand Neek and a Rose Water facial spray from Australian company Cedar + Stone to go with my gorgeous DIY ingredients. If you’re looking for natural, environmentally friendly alternatives to any of your day to day items including homewares, bottles, food wraps and stationery Biome is your one stop shop. All of the products, including the DIY Skin Care, are available in Biome’s several Brisbane stores as well as online at

As always, thanks for reading!


Holwa x


I’d like to thank Biome for their hospitable welcome to the store, passion and amazing informative tour by Jo at Hawthorne, some of the products mentioned here were gifted.

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