Lush Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of the hardest gift giving days to buy for, what do you get the person who gave you life? Lush has some ideas this year and they’re all absolutely lovely and I was sent the range to try. I’ve been around for a few Lush collections in my time (just scroll through the blog and see how many) and this one has been, in my opinion, the best overall. There isn’t one product here I didn’t love the smell of and all the bath bombs, bars and solid scrubs are gorgeously moulded and coloured.

Yummy Mummy is the product I was most hoping would be back this year, I got to try it for the first time last April and loved it so much I made the bottle last until almost December. The Shower Cream formula is one of my favourites as it’s sudsy and cleansing but also incredibly moisturising and can be used as a bath gel/cream too as it’s so softening. The smell is next level with orange, tonka and geranium which leaves the bathroom and yourself smelling lovely for hours.

Pink Custard is a new concept to me and one I can’t wait to try. Lush has been making shower jellies for years but this is a new, more grown up twist on the sparkly, transparent jellies they sell at Christmas but is still technicolour pink. It’s scented with lavender and has a sweet undertone from golden syrup, tonka and vanilla and contains two oils as well as organic coconut milk to smooth, nourish and soften skin.

Bubble bars have got to be my favourite bath product and this range has three different bars to soften and soothe. I got the Baa bar which is white and purple and vaguely resembles a sheep, it smells of lavender, rose and ylang ylang and has soy milk to soften bath water and leave skin silky soft.

The two bath bombs in the range – Mum and Ups-a-Daisy – are both citrus and rose scented to relax and revive tired bodies. The technicolour Ups-a-Daisy is, you guessed it, shaped like a daisy and the Mum bath bomb comes in either pink or yellow depending on what you think your mum will like best.

Scrubee has got to be the cutest in the range and the one I can’t stop smelling. It’s a solid scrub bar/body butter scented with honey, bergamot and contains ground almonds and coconut shell to buff away dead skin. The honey and cocoa butter softens after the smoothing to leave skin renewed and silky smooth.

Lush is getting into the habit of releasing a new lip scrub with each seasonal range and this one is based off the best selling Honey lip balm and smells exactly the same. With castor sugar to buff and jojoba, vanilla, honey and wild orange oils to smooth this peppermint and white chocolate scented scrub is good enough to eat – which is kind of the idea, scrub, rub and smooth into lips then lick away the excess for a fresh pout and sweet treat in one.

So for those of you who still need to pick mum up a gift head to your nearest Lush store or online, the range is available until Sunday May 14, I guarantee she’ll love anything and everything you choose from the range (get two of each so you can keep one as well).

Thanks for reading (as always),


Holwa x

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