Lush Easter Collection First Impressions!

Easter is just around the corner and I’m just a bit excited. A whole weekend devoted to chocolate? Yes please (yes, I went to Catholic school and know it’s not just that but in this day and age that’s what it’s kind of fizzled down to.) The lovely humans at Lush sent me a box filled with their Easter range which smelt like heaven and I can’t wait to use. But first I thought I’d tell you all my first thoughts about the range.

Bunch of Carrots reusable bath melt – the reusable bath products are definitely my favourites from Lush, you just get more out of each one and it extends the experience from maybe three baths to six or seven (useful when you’re a bath everyday kinda person like me). These carrots are the brightest product I think I’ve ever seen from Lush mostly it’s pastels or muted colours but these are full fluoro. They smell of citrus and bergamot and create so so many bubbles. Just find a safe place to store them because my bunch is quite soft and melty and the colour runs when damp so definitely keep them in plastic if possible.

Chocolate Easter Egg soap – this soap is inspired by white chocolate and has vegan white chocolate and vanilla but really smells more lemony and ever so slightly of disinfectant. I can’t say it’s my favourite scent out of the range but if it’s anything like all the other Lush soaps I’ve used over the years it will be lovely and moisturising, especially as it contains coconut oil.

Chick ‘n’ Mix bath bomb – this is still in the plastic wrapper in the photos because I’m convinced that as soon as I unwrap it it will come apart and I’ll never get it to look the same. Super cute yellow and pale blue chicken/egg hybrid that’s scented with bergamot and tonka which smells amazing. The little eyes are also made of dark chocolate so they’re technically edible but I don’t think I’d eat them, they might be a bit soapy.

Which came first? bath bomb – this one is also still in the wrapper because sadly it crumbled on it’s journey to me. It’s scented with grapefruit and lemon oils and has a little chicken shaped bomb inside. Because of it’s hefty size it is on the more expensive side but can be used for three to four baths so really works out quite economical.

Golden egg bath melt – oh man this is next level glitteryness. I couldn’t touch this one without being covered in gold lustre so can’t imagine what it will be like to melt it in the bath then be surrounded by the shimmer. Being a bath melt it has so many different skin softening ingredients and oils and is scented with orange and bergamot.

Chocolate Lip scrub – I’m not a fan of Jaffa lollies but this orange and chocolate lip scrub is delicious. It smells just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and tastes just as good while working as well as all the other Lush lip scrubs with caster sugar to buff away flakey bits and oils to leave lips soft and smooth.

The range is available online and instore from now until Easter (though I think some things are sold out online in Australia). Thanks again to Lush for sending me these goodies and though I’ve been sent these for review all opinions are my own.

As always thanks for reading.


Holwa x

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