First Favourites of 2017!

Ok it’s March and I’m only just getting around to doing a Favourites post – we’ll count this as my first quarter favourites and then maybe go back to monthly from here on out. I haven’t really been buying that many new makeup things lately but out of what new things I have bought most of them have quickly become part of my everyday routine.


Firstly, the Simple Glam Girls rose gold Oval brushes were a little hit and miss for me (read my original first impressions here) but since getting used to them I’ve found they’re quite good for quick makeup and make some of the steps in my routine a lot easier. The two mid-sized face brushes are what I reach for most for applying setting powder and blending contour and I really like the finish they give with powder products because they blend so simply and give an almost airbrushed finish. The long skinny eye brushes are also favourites – I use the longest one for highlight as it picks the product up really well and lays it nicely and the little one is my favourite for filling in my brows on days I can’t be bothered using my Nyx pencil, it’s super quick and distributes the product (I just use one of the shadows from my Naked Basics palette for my brows) evenly.

The cushion foundations have taken off lately and I decided to give the Maybelline Dream Cushion a go, for a lighter coverage, more natural finish. I use this for work because I don’t want to waste my Stila and Mac foundations when they’re just going to sweat straight off and it’s so quick to apply, evens out my skin without looking like I have anything on and doesn’t feel sticky or heavy. The colour match is pretty good too – I often find Maybelline, L’Oreal and similar brands to be too yellow toned and dark for my pasty fair skin but this is almost perfect and with a little blending matches seamlessly. The cushion packaging is fun to use and the little sponge/puff it comes with works just fine. I probably wouldn’t wear this anywhere but to work but it does the job just fine.

Neutrogena is my favourite cleanser brand and the new Micellar Gel to Foam formula is brilliant. I’ve used micellar water for ages but never feel like it takes everything off – but in this format as a thick gel rather than a water that then transforms into a foaming wash when wet it clings to all my makeup and any dirt on my skin and cleans really well. Which brings me to my next favourite.

I’ve wanted a cleansing brush for ages but didn’t want to spend hundreds on a Clarisonic so when I saw the Olay spinning brush in the Priceline skincare sale a few months back I couldn’t resist. It works as well as I could hope, is very gentle but feels like it’s getting the job done and rinses off so easily. I mostly use it with the Neutrogena micellar wash but it came with a light exfoliant wash which is also really nice and feels scrubby without being too harsh or leaving my skin tight and dry. I have had to up my moisturiser use since getting it as it is exfoliating so leaves my face more dry but I feel like my skin is brighter and it feels smoother. If you’re looking at getting a cleansing brush I would definitely recommend.

March has been a bit all over the place so far but I’m also really enjoying using my Emma Kate Co. Plan Your Own Adventure diary to summarise my days and keep memories of feelings and silly little everyday things that in weeks, months and years to come will be nice to look back on. I might do a review on my diary in the coming weeks because it’s different to any diary I’ve had before and I really like the mindset behind it, the little motivational words and how it’s made me take stock of the year so far. I hope you’ve all had a lovely week and as always, thank you for reading.


Holwa x

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