My Experience with the Diva Cup

Disclaimer: I’m going to get real graphic in this post, I want to give a honest review and when it comes to periods and menstrual cups the only way to be honest is to get very TMI. So if you’re squeamish, know me personally and don’t want to read about my vagina or are male I’d recommend clicking away now. Ok so now that’s sorted let’s get to it.

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Lush Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is one of the hardest gift giving days to buy for, what do you get the person who gave you life? Lush has some ideas this year and they’re all absolutely lovely and I was sent the range to try. I’ve been around for a few Lush collections in my time (just scroll through the blog and see how many) and this one has been, in my opinion, the best overall. There isn’t one product here I didn’t love the smell of and all the bath bombs, bars and solid scrubs are gorgeously moulded and coloured.

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Lush Easter Collection First Impressions!

Easter is just around the corner and I’m just a bit excited. A whole weekend devoted to chocolate? Yes please (yes, I went to Catholic school and know it’s not just that but in this day and age that’s what it’s kind of fizzled down to.) The lovely humans at Lush sent me a box filled with their Easter range which smelt like heaven and I can’t wait to use. But first I thought I’d tell you all my first thoughts about the range.

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